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Terahertz Wand Model 6.0

Terahertz Wand Model 6.0

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The Terahertz Wand Model 6.0 includes 3 settings and 4 infrared lights. Settings include: high fan low heat, low fan low heat and high fan high heat. This is one of the most popular models being sold and includes online instructions.

Used to address stiffness, soreness, pain, charging water, assisting with improved skin, reduction in wrinkles, hair growth, Psoriasis, improved circulation, Lymphedema, activating dormant stem cells and many other health related benefits. These units send energy into the body with terahertz, quartz crystal and quantum / scaler technology. Assists the body with cellular regeneration, detoxification, removal of mutated cells and cellular function. Units are sold new and come with a 1 year warranty. Units are not classified as medical devices and should never be substituted for getting professional medical advice. Orders normally ship within 1-2 business days.

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