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Anti Aging Bed Cover

Anti Aging Bed Cover

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Aging isn’t just a measure of the passage of time, aging is really more of a measurement of the velocity of destruction, devastation, and degradation that our bodies undergo and the effect on the so-called “markers of aging.” When a person can slow, stop, and sometimes reverse these markers of aging, markers like - inflammation, cellular respiration, and strength of the immune system - we are engaged in “anti-aging.”  Our patented and American-made bed cover is the premier grounding bed system technology in the world. Now, from the comfort and convenience of your own bed, our technology allows your body to enjoy all the benefits of being fully grounded - like the reduction of inflammation. Embedded in the fabric itself are reactive crystalline structures that - when exposed to body heat - reflect back a far infrared spectrum of light directly to your skin. This far infrared energy stimulates the energy centers of your cells, making them more efficient and effective. In addition to our proprietary grounding and energy-enhancing technology, a person can enjoy a cleaner sleep, feeling protected thanks to antimicrobial medical-grade silver thread woven into the bed cover.  Make the most of each rest by adding our revolutionary Bio ceramic mattress.

  • Includes Anti Aging Bed Cover, zippered liner (optional and only for zippered option), grounding plug, travel duffel bag, and printed instructions. Certain countries may require a grounded adapter.
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