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USA Med Bed

Tesla Plasma

Tesla Plasma

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Tesla Model

Start the video at 3 minutes to hear about our groundbreaking Tesla Plasma Device!

Cellular harmony is difficult to attain on your own, especially when you're constantly bombarded with destructive digital signals (EMFs) and non-harmonic noise all day long.

When you finally exhausted all possible answers to your health questions, look for this advanced device to assist with your own research and experimentation. Every cause of inflammation, mental illnesses, diseases, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and much more can be addressed with light frequency balancing. The device will aid with balancing the body and promote homeostasis, potentially improving energy levels and vitality. The radiant light frequency can counter-act against every health issue presented to the modern public today, and might be of particular value to people who have "plateaued" on their healing journey.

  • Includes Tesla Plasma, Control Panel, Plasma Tube, Frequency Manual, and Printed Instructions. Executive includes one extra control panel for running double the amount of frequency sets. Accessory Kit includes wearable attachments that allow for maximum frequencies absorption. 
  • Call 1-800-385-4243 now, checkout with a payment with a high enough balance, or select Wire Transfer as the Payment Method. 
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