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Biohacking Mattress

Biohacking Mattress

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Our premium 12 inch thick Biohacking Mattress is built for comfort featuring a hybrid support system consisting of an ergonomically molded foam base and is topped with a conductive graphite-infused memory foam for an enhanced sleep experience. This high quality blend allows the mattress to last up to 20 years and is rated FIRM with comfort. Unique to our Biohacking Mattress, our proprietary foam offers heat dissipation, thus providing a deeper and more restful sleep. For added peace of mind, we chose to design our Biohacking Mattress to be free of known cancer-causing chemicals, commonly found in competitors models. We were able to establish the benefit of antimicrobial silver by still upholding: The Standard for the Flammability of Mattresses and Mattress Pads 16 CFR part 1632. Make the most of each rest by adding our revolutionary Anti Aging Bed Cover.

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