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USA Med Bed

Celestial Med Bed System

Celestial Med Bed System

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Product Description: Introducing the Celestial Med Bed Pod: a multifaceted healing solution combining Cellular Resonance, Ozone, Negative Ion, and Vibrational Therapies with Far Infrared Heating for a comprehensive wellness experience. This state-of-the-art pod features a Terahertz Mattress to enhance cellular communication, alongside customizable comfort with music connectivity via Bluetooth or USB.

Discover innovative health benefits with Graphene Heating and Chromotherapy, alongside Gyromagnetic Therapy for relaxation and recovery. Enjoy therapeutic acoustic sounds and grounding benefits during your sessions, all within this single, efficient unit.

The Celestial Med Bed Pod is your personal retreat for personal wellness, relaxation, and holistic healing, designed to rejuvenate both body and mind.

This med bed pod system is ideal for homes and wellness center and is made to fit into an office or bedroom space. 

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