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USA Med Bed

Daily Core 4 w/ Power Shake AND L.O.V.

Daily Core 4 w/ Power Shake AND L.O.V.

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Gentle way to take a first step in your transformation and begin nourishing and detoxifying your body. This pack contains Purium's foundational core products. We suggest taking 1 serving of each product every day; no pressure to modify your existing diet. If you want to accelerate your transformation, check out the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.

  • Supports energy levels, digestion, deep sleep and mood
  • Vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, organic super fruits, and gut health
  • Recommended pack for ongoing nutrition and Smart Order


  • Super Meal LOV Original
  • Apple Berry Power Shake
  • Apothe-Cherry
  • Biome Medic
  • Super Amino 23
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