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Device Duo

Device Duo

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Introducing our ultimate EMF protection bundle! We've combined the power of two of our best-selling products, the EMF Cell Protect Discs, and Cellular Protect EMF Strips, to give you the ultimate protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, wifi routers, smart meters, and communication towers.

The EMF Cell Protect Discs are the perfect solution for anyone concerned about the potential health risks associated with modern-day technology. Research has shown that exposure to radiofrequency non-ionizing energy (RF/EMR) emitted by these devices can cause tissue heating, changes in blood flow, DNA damage, and increased free radical levels leading to oxidative stress in tissues with insufficient blood flow. By placing these discs on your devices, you can reduce your exposure to harmful EMF radiation.

Our Cellular Protect EMF Strips help neutralize these frequencies before they reach your body. These strips work by counteracting the effects of positive ions emitted by electronic devices, without blocking signals or interfering with wireless devices. By placing these strips near you or on your devices, you can use all the benefits of modern-day technology while protecting yourself from the harmful effects of over-exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Don't compromise your health for the convenience of modern technology. Get our EMF protection bundle today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected against harmful EMF radiation!

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