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USA Med Bed

Plasma Energy Spheres

Plasma Energy Spheres

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Plasma Energy "Med Bed" Spheres Description

Includes 2 plasma balls, charging stations, 2 battery units and Bluetooth accessories - perfect for home or wellness centers!

* App “FlameinSound not included – can be purchased at iTunes / Apple Store $17

These plasma energy devices create a plasma field which you lay in between and throw off a cascade of frequencies to resonate and assist various parts of the body. These plasma devices can also assist with many heath and wellness issues and also have many metaphysical properties. This is a very state of the art technology product and one of the most popular plasma based technology products for home use and also for wellness centers.

Plasma Energy Spheres are creating an Intelligent and Mindful energy field. The way the plasma technology is delivered creates a “LIVE” plasma energy field. This is true “med bed” type technology and more information on this process and how that happens can be  seen in a video below. If you are looking for a powerful “med bed” type technology for a spa, health and wellness center or home use the Plasma Spheres are an ideal technology device to assist with mind, body and spirit and is a more advanced and modern version of multi wave oscillators and other plasma technology devices.

Price Includes Shipping in Continental United States and 1 Hour One on One Training Session and Questions and Answers Via Zoom

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