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USA Med Bed

ReGen IES Med Bed

ReGen IES Med Bed

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Our product combines the Anti Aging Throw with a feature designed to connect with Intermittent electrical stimulation (IES) devices. While IES is a technique used in various applications, our product is designed to complement these devices, focusing on comfort and innovation.


While the following describes general principles of Intermittent Electrical Stimulation, always consult with a healthcare professional for personal medical advice and treatment.

Intermittent Electrical Stimulation is a technique used in various medical and therapeutic applications. It involves applying electrical impulses to a specific part of the body at intervals, rather than continuously. It's a common component in physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine. Devices like TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units often use intermittent electrical stimulation.  By delivering electrical impulses at specific intervals, this method can stimulate nerves, muscles, or other tissues in a controlled manner. The intermittent nature of the stimulation allows the tissues to rest between impulses, which can be beneficial for therapeutic outcomes.  The frequency, intensity, and duration of the electrical impulses can be adjusted depending on the therapeutic goals. For example, higher frequencies might be used for pain relief, while lower frequencies may be better for muscle stimulation.  When used correctly, intermittent electrical stimulation is generally safe and can be a non-invasive alternative to pain medications.  Patients receiving intermittent electrical stimulation often report sensations of tingling or mild pulsing in the treated area, but typically without discomfort. The treatment sessions can vary in length and frequency, tailored to individual needs and conditions.  Intermittent electrical stimulation represents a significant area in rehabilitative and pain management therapies, offering a non-invasive option for improving health outcomes in various conditions.


Each package includes: 

  • Anti Aging Throw specifically designed for IES connection
  • Accessory kit for direct connection to IES
  • Manual of recommended frequencies

Each package is designed to integrate with your existing IES setup, offering a comfortable and compatible experience. Please note, our products are designed to complement your wellness routine and are not a substitute for medical treatment.


ReGen 150

This unit is typically used in homes as a personal IES device. Preprogrammed for 129 sets with an additional 21 available to customize at any time. 

ReGen 200

This unit has 200% more power than the ReGen 150. A total of 200 programs with an additional 19 available to customize at any time. If you are dealing with one or more severe health issues, this is the right unit for power and speed. 

ReGen 1800

Pre-programmed with 1800 frequency sets, making this a beneficial option for clinics.

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