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Scaler Energy Tower

Scaler Energy Tower

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Scaler Energy Multi Wave Oscillator Tower

Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakofsky worked on the development of the Multi Wave Oscillator which was a circular disc which included some of the most beneficial frequencies for the body. These Multi Wave Oscillators could be used with the energy from the atmosphere or plugged in and run with electrical energy. We sell a wide variety of Multi wave Oscillator technology products. The Scaler Energy Tower features Multi Wave Oscillator technology along with a Tesla Coil wireless transmitter to put these beneficial frequencies into a home or office. This small yet powerful device is ideal for wish manifestation, stress, insomnia and a host of other wellness related issues.

This new unique and colorful device includes a host of technologies including:|

Multi-Wave Oscillator technology coupled with bifilar Tesla Coil wireless power transmitter, tesseract aetheric pump, and Scalar Wave antennae. This device acts as a MWO harmonization unit, that can also accept outside signals via the included audio cable. The Lakhovsky Harmonizer can be connected to a computer, cell phone, or any other device capable of outputting audio signals via a 3.5mm audio port. These signals are automatically imprinted into the energy field generated by the machine.

This is an advanced version of our original MWO harmonizer unit. The newer version features several programs that have been pre-installed into the unit. You can toggle between these settings simply by pressing a button on the front side of the device. These programs will make the device emit Scalar Waves and light patterns in different frequencies. More specifically, 9 of the Solfeggio frequencies are pre-installed into the machine.

Another improvement compared to the first iteration of the MWO harmonizer is that these devices are more powerful. Therefore, we had to omit the option of battery power and only use USB for providing power. This will enable the device to work at higher powers for much longer.

Pre-installed frequencies:

174 Hz – program #1
285 Hz – program #2
396 Hz – program #3
417 Hz – program #4
528 Hz – program #5
638 Hz – program #6
741 Hz – program #7
853 Hz – program #8
963 Hz – program #9


• outline: 120x120mm [4.72″x4.72″]
• height: 80mm [3.14″]


• USB type B cable (included with the device)
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