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USA Med Bed

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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Our Started Kit includes a 7.0 Terahertz Wand, WavWatch, and an Anti-Aging Blanket


7.0 Red Terahertz Wand Model 

The 7.0 Terahertz Wand Model includes online instructions. This version features 4 infrared lights and 3 temperature settings: low heat, medium heat, and high heat.

Units are sold new and come with a 1-year warranty. Units are not classified as medical devices and should never be substituted for getting professional medical advice.

This is our #1 selling terahertz wand model. Priced close to the same as many of the 750-watt wand models but larger and able to emit more energy. Terahertz wands are also referred to as terahertz blowers and THZ devices. 



The WAVwatch is a self-care tool that uses the power of sound therapy to help with common self-care problems and imbalances in your body.

Sound therapy uses acoustical frequencies that run through your body. This method for improving your immune system has been used for centuries and is extremely safe and scientifically researched. Over 1200 parents, grandparents, and kids use the WAVwatch!


 Anti-Aging Blanket

Made of the same premium materials as our bed cover, our Anti Aging Throw is one of our newest & most popular products. All thanks to the anti-microbial properties of the medical-grade pure silver woven throughout the fabric. This patented double layer protection fully grounds you while working by regulating digital signals entering your body while asleep. It neutralizes all the harmful signals from electronics so you feel balanced, bright, and ready throughout the day. Blanket measures 44" x 66"



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