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Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

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Introducing BaxStar Industries' Tesla coils, a new approach in the exploration of vortex implosive electric field applications. While recognized for their adaptability, it's essential to approach their use in physiotherapy contexts with professional guidance.

Recognized for their adaptability, these coils are engineered to operate in diverse settings, especially highlighting their latest high-voltage capacitive mode—a blend of efficiency and safety.

The device includes a feature known as the Zapper mode, which is inspired by concepts in bio-resonance technology. While it's designed based on A.N. Tesla's insights, it's important to understand its potential in the context of current scientific research and in consultation with healthcare professionals.

If you're seeking a holistic solution that merges innovation with efficacy, this BaxStar Industries' offering is your answer. For more information on Tesla Paddles- Coils click here  or call us at 804-495-0770 or email us at  

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