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Tesla Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillators with Rife Frequencies

Tesla Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillators with Rife Frequencies

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The Tesla Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillators (MWO's) includes Rife frequencies is one of the newest versions of the multi wave oscillator products. This MultiWave Oscillator can also run at 150hz or run specific Rife frequencies as shown in photos.

The Multi Wave Osacillator has a long history going back to Nikola Tesla’s research in radio frequency. Tesla noticed that certain oscillations had healing effects on himself and his assistants. Tesla shared the concept with fellow scientist Georges Lakhovsky, who invented the Multiwave Oscillator that consisted of a frequency generator connecting to 2 Tesla coils. Raymond Rife invented the universal microscope and then made a chart of microbe and pathogen mortal oscillatory rates.

The MWO is a multiple wave oscillator. What it does is saturate the cells of the body
with energy. In turn the chemical processes of each cell are brought into balance allowing proper repair and operation. When you use the machine regularly it maintains the electrical health of the body at a cellular level.

This is accomplished by setting up a high energy field in and around the body through
resonance. The MWO doesn't pass current through the body. All that is used is the
oscillating field. The process is similar to shaking a box of marbles after a while they
organize themselves neatly into the order that their shape dictates. This is true of the
body's molecular structure too. When this is achieved the cells work at maximum ability
without stressing them. 

This unit is used for just 15 minutes at a time once a day for 150hz setting or 15 minutes a time for Rife frequencies. 

Each unit is hand made and ensures quality and craftmanship. 

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