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USA Med Bed

Tesla Med Bed

Tesla Med Bed

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Step into the future of holistic wellness with the Tesla med bed.  A revolutionary breakthrough in health technology. Specifically engineered to harness the therapeutic benefits of grounding, frequency, and vibration. This innovative med bed is a perfect addition to your home or wellness center. Experience a deeper connection to natural processes as the Tesla med bed optimizes your body. Offering a sanctuary of relaxation and recovery. Its state-of-the-art design not only elevates your wellness routine but also transforms your space into a haven of tranquility and wellness. Whether you're seeking to enhance physical recovery, reduce stress, or improve overall wellbeing, the Tesla med bed is your gateway to achieving balance and harmony.

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Variant Description:
  1. 1.3 ATA operating pressure.
  2. "L" shaped zipper fore easier entrance.
  3. Vertical design - small footprint.
  4. Most economical model for home treatment or commercial usage.
  5. Emergency valve - To speed the depressurization in emergency.
  6. Easy Operation - One people can operate it without assistance.
  7. Delivers 93% oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset/facial
  8. Internal Pressure Gauge - User can observe the pressure while
    inside the chamber.
  9. Internal metal frame - Hold the shape when deflated.
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