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USA Med Bed

Theralight 360 Plus

Theralight 360 Plus

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TheraLight 360+, the newest innovation from Aspen Laser, ranks as the most powerful light bed in the world!  With an irradiance of 165mW/cm2, it is 65% more powerful than its predecessor, the TheraLight 360. 

Featuring a spacious and unique HD 360° light exposure design, and boasting 45,000 LEDs, the TheraLight 360+ is Aspen Laser’s most advanced Photobiomodulation System.   TheraLight 360+ is a unique multi-wavelength LED system that combines 4 optimal therapeutic wavelengths for comprehensive tissue reach and maximum results.  The 360+ provides unparalleled treatment efficacy.  Start your journey to full body wellness!

This model is also 65% stronger and more powerful than the Theralight Fit!

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